Hoydens and Firebrands

I’ve been beside myself with delight this week, having been honoured with a guest spot at the fabulous blog Hoydens and Firebrands

Hoydens and Firebrands is home to several great writers of 17th Century Historical Fiction who share their work, research and love for this fascinating century with us.

Our Roaring Ladies are:

Alison Stuart – By the Sword, The King’s Man.

Anita Davisdon – Duking Days Rebellion, Duking Days Revolution.

Kim Murphy – Whispers through Time, Whispers from the Grave.

Mary Sharratt – The Vanishing Point, Daughters of the Witching Hill.

Sandra Gulland – Mistress of the Sun, The Josephine B Trilogy.

My thanks go to all of you for allowing me to share your warm, bright place.

Please visit Hoydens and Firebrands – – Roaring Ladies who Write about the 17th Century.