Strange Old Gardening Tips

Below are some old, tried, tested and just plain weird gardening tips.

* Manure your peach trees with leather. In times past, gardeners would travel miles to inspect rubbish heaps for discarded boots and shoes.

Van Gogh Peach Tree

* To create your own scented flowers – soak the seeds of non-scented flowers in your favourite scented water overnight, dry them in the sun and then plant.

* Sweet peas planted on St Patrick’s Day (March 17th) will have bigger blooms and greater fragrance.

* Plant strawberries in topsoil taken from around pine or spruce trees and mulch with pine needles for the sweetest taste.

* Place crocus near lavender to keep the birds away from them.

Redoute Crocus

* Place a block of cooking lard beneath the roots of your roses to condition the soil. And always plant roses with parsley to improve their fragrance.

* Dress lilies with woodash for beautiful blooms.

* If you are using a scarecrow, dress him in scarlet. Birds hate scarlet.

* To discourage mice, bath your cat and then sprinkle the water over the soil or plants.

Mice Burying the Cat

* Plant masses of dill in the flowerbed to discourage rabbits. They adore eating dill and will leave the flowers alone.

* Get rid of fleas with bog myrtle, hollyhock, chamomile and ferns.