Cost of Living in Tudor & Stuart England

Below is a selected list of what Tudor and Stuart goods would have cost…

A topical subject considering the state of our economy today.

A 60 room mansion and estate purchased in 1540 – £849 12s. 6d.

The services of a physician and apothecary at death – 11s. 2d.

Bedstead, mattress and feather bed – £2

Cure for Smallpox – £100

Two-roomed cottage – £1 9s. 10d.

Loaf of bread (1540’s) – 1 1/2 d.

Loaf of bread (1700) – 6 1/2 d.

24 feet of finest broadcloth – £7

1,500 faggots for the fire – 18s.

Charcoal per sack – 6d.

A chaldron of sea coal – 9s plus charges for carriage, unloading, delivery, measuring and duty.

Wax candles – 8s. per dozen pound

Soap – 1d. to 4d. per pound or 50s. per barrel

33 pottles of Gascony wine – 66s.

36 rounds of beef – 21s.

9 quails – 4 1/2d.

15 flagons of milk – 15d.

Beer – 2s. per barrel

2lb jar of marmalade – 5s. 3d.

Potatoes – 3s.

Two quarts of gooseberries – 6d.

Rush matting – 4d. per foot

Bricks – 7s. per thousand

Portraits – from £3 to £40 depending on the artist

An aristocratic wedding – £73

A silver embroidered hat – £5 10s.

An umbrella – £4 2s.

A tutor – £30 per year

A large jar of ink – 2d.

A Bible – 6s.

A murder or witchcraft pamphlet – 1d. to 6d.

A noble contribution to a struggling author – £5

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