Update – 17th Century Colours


In a previous post I played a game…trying to give colours to 17th century textile names.

To me – in my absolute black and white mode – Judas colour represented silver. 30 pieces, I believe. Too obvious on the first pass.

BUT -I’m now reading Catherine Delors’ Mistress of the Revolution – where Gabrielle has red hair like – JUDAS.

(BTW, that’s the sound I make with my lips tightly closed and my eyebrows raised in wonder)

So, I’ve changed my mind about this 17th C colour. I see copper. A pinkish orange.

Another BTW – I’m very interested in our genetic make-up.

My father is a Scot with Irish colouring (black hair, grey eyes.)

My mother was from Norfolk – Iceni country. Boudicca had red hair!

My hair is as dark as you can get without being black. It has red highlights.

Never wanted to be blond – wouldn’t mind being red. 😮



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