Louis XIII

I’m intrigued.

Love the World Wide web. Hate the World Wide Web.

A Google images search has just thrown me this image of Louis XIII via La Tribune de l’Art

In many years of research this is the first time I’ve seen this picture of Louis XIII and a quick search for the painter René de Poitiers, duc de Tresne gave only one resource – this one.

I’m very intrigued.

There is no date for the portrait but it is obviously of an older man and curiosity made me search for other pictures of Louis.

This one was painted by Peter Paul Rubens in 1625 when Louis was 24 years old.

I don’t know but…. the first picture doesn’t quite ring true. I could be very wrong. But there is no Bourbon lip or jaw.

Edward Herbert, 1st Baron Herbert of Cherbury, ambassador to France in the early 1620’s described Louis as having a double row of teeth which made it difficult for him to close his mouth properly.

In Weave a Garland the younger Louis is called a ‘beardless boy’ as it was well known that, even well into his twenties, the king could not grow a beard. Maybe this is why he played barber to his guards and shaved off all their beards and moustaches.

It’ s also known that Louis started wearing a peruke at quite a young age. Cavaliers… chevaliers… were well known for their long, curling hair and Louis seems to have suffered from premature balding.

Even though the first painting has the artist’s name and that of Louis XIII – I’m not 100%convinced.

As if historical research was not hard enough. Sigh…..!!

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