Knitting Day

Not much happening in the brain department today, you know what I mean? ….but I have a fail-safe antidote. Knitting.

There’s something about the rhythm of knitting that allows the mind to disengage from worry and to wander far and wide. Scenes appear. Dialogue suddenly makes sense. Delightful phrases emerge fully formed. And all without effort.

As long as there’s a pen and notebook handy, these nuggets can be recorded for later use. Although – I tend to photocopy my knitting patterns so that I can keep track of my rows and stitches and these get used, more often than not, for nugget jotting. Knit two, purl two, in dry weather the Seine was sometimes only a metre deep and could be waded across, knit two, purl two.

Stocking stitch is best on days like this. Muscle memory takes over from the brain.

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