Gédéon Tallemant des Réaux

I’m fortunate enough to have Vol. 746 of 1000 of Love Tales from Tallemant.

Gédéon Tallemant des Réaux was born around 1619, the son of financier Pierre Tallemant and his second wife Marie de Rambouillet.
Tallemant’s father was rich but mean and his son found life at home so restrictive that he proposed to his first cousin Elizabeth de Rambouillet. The marriage came about but consummation took two years because of the extreme youth of the bride yet Tallemant had chosen well. Marriage made him independent and free to enjoy the society of his mother’s family, especially the celebrated Arthenice – Catherine de Vivonne, Marquise de Rambouillet.
Arthenice’s famous Blue Salon introduced the bourgeois des Réaux to court society… against whom he sharpened his famous but simple, crude and sarcastic wit in a collection of writings known as the Historiettes.
The Love Tales from Tallemant draw fantastic pictures of the world of Henri IV and his contemporaries.

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