Cherry Lips and Cheeks of Damask Roses

I have a long-standing dream…
To plant a garden full of old historical roses.
I’m one step closer having spent most of yesterday afternoon in the cyber- heaven that is David Austin Roses ordering bare root stock.
Plan A was to have only roses known to have grown before the 18th century but there are now so many wonderful new roses that Plan B was put into operation… Old and new but all of them with the ‘old rose’ fragrance.
Central to both plans was Rosa Mundi – Rose of the World

Rosa Mundi is one of the oldest named roses and it was named after The Fair Rosamund – Rosamund Clifford, mistress to Henry II. Her tombstone at Godstow Priory in Oxfordshire is inscribed…

Hic jacet in tomba rosa mundi, non rosa munda

Another purchase is Reine des Violettes

A Bourbon Hybrid of divine colour (Purple/Lilac) and fragrance (True Old Rose.)

Bourbons came from a natural crossing of The China Rose with The Damask on the French Isle de Bourbon in 1817.

Also Cottage Maid

A Centifolia or Provence Rose.
Centifolia comes from each flower having a hundred petals and Provence from….Provence where the rose has always grown in abundance. This is a true old rose originally from Greece and known to Pliny.
Only one thorn on the bush. Delivery takes three to four weeks.
Patience is a virtue. Patience is a virtue. Patience is a virtue.

Rene d’Anjou

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