Begin at the Beginning

Several years ago I was sheltering from the rain in a second hand bookshop in Northern Ireland when I saw and bought a lovely old book called The Seventeenth Century by Jacques Boulenger.

Months later, on an equally rain day back in England, I sat down to read this book.

On page 44 I came across the following…

‘Nor did Anne’s best friend help to improve matters. Marie de
Rohan had married the Duc de Luynes when she was seventeen and by the time her first husband died, her reputation was already so extremely bad that the Nuncio thought it his duty to advise the young Queen not to keep so compromising a lady about her person..’

Intrigued, I decided to find out more about this girl.

Weave a Garland of my Vows came from that research and this blog is the digital equivalent of a writer muttering to herself as she puts together her final draft.

Please bear with me – this could go anywhere :o)

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