Addendum to Post Below…

If you’ll forgive me for quoting myself – in the previous post I asked…

“Now – I often wonder if any of the Real People she (Elizabeth Chadwick) has had access to (via the Akashic Record) have ever turned round and said ‘Go away and leave me alone. I don’t want to be remembered.’???”

Marie de Rohan spent her last years in a Benedictine abbey a few miles from Paris. For the previous 70 odd years she had whirled through life – her’s and other people’s – with glorious energy and passion. But, towards the end, she wrote in her will that she wanted her burial to take place without pomp. Only her name and the following inscription were allowed on her tomb…

‘As humility has long since replaced in her heart a taste for the world’s glamour and for the greatness of her time, she has forbidden that at her death any sign of that greatness should reappear, for she wishes to take it with her into the simplicity of this grave.’
Death can’t erase a great life. Historical fiction will see to that – thank goodness!

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