17thC Garden Pots

I adore….
17th century, France, gardens, garden ornaments.
And today I have all four in one place
In her chapter about Terracotta pots and urns Ms Heugel talks about how in 1610 a group of potters came to Anduze near Cevannes and began to produce frost proof terracotta pots for use outside. They traded with Lugaria in Italy where the Italian art form influenced several of the French pot designs.
For almost 400 yeards Anduze potters have passed their secrets from generation to generation. Today they still produce the most beautiful terracotta garden pots.

Also – In 1620 another set of potters set up in Aubagne outside Marseilles where they used the exceptional local clay to make storage vessels for olive oil, wine and water.

Once again, Aubagne potters still produce highly prized terracotta ware to this day.

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